International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network
TDA/SAP Methodology
The Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis/Strategic Action Programme (TDA/SAP) approach is a highly collaborative process that has proven to be a major component of GEF International Waters projects over the last 16 years.
Project Management Manual
The Project Management Manual is a reference source and a guide for managing GEF IW projects. It contains a checklist to consider at every stage from inception to project closure, and gives guidance important topics such as monitoring and evaluation and financial considerations.
Public-Private Partnerships Guidebook
The Public-Private Partnerships Guidebook is a reference source and a guide for GEF IW projects. It contains information on the engaging the private sector both generally and in the context for a GEF IW project. This tool contains step by step guidance from the stage of determining whether and what kind of private sector relationship fits for the project to facilitating the conversations, and case studies of GEF IW projects experiences with engaging the private sector.
IW Guidance on Climate Change and Variability
Welcome to GEF IW:LEARN guidance for projects on climate change and variability. The guidance is designed to assist GEF IW projects with the GEF V requirement to take climate change and variability into consideration in the implementation of IW projects.
Acknowledgments Page
This page acknowledges the contribution of key GEF IW portfolio stakeholders to the development of the project management methodology and the TDA-SAP methodology and course revision.
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