International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network
18 Dec 2017 |
Training in CCRES tools on offer
In 2018, CCRES is rolling out the innovative tools we have developed to support valuing ecosystems, sustaining business and promoting change.
18 Dec 2017 |
Low-cost tool empowers leaders, promotes change
New research has confirmed that shifts in human psychology and behaviour achieved by CCRES’ low-cost behaviour change program, My Future, My Oceans, last May have been sustained.
20 Sep 2017 |
Tool and resource roll-out in Indonesia
The CCRES project’s roadshow of events to showcase its innovative, new tools and resources arrived in Indonesia during late July.
20 Sep 2017 |
Roy Bero – Meet the Team
Roy Bero, Site Coordinator for El Nido in the Philippines, organises field activities, and liaises with the local government, barangay (village) chairs, and communities.
20 Sep 2017 |
Selayar Eco-Biz Challenge gains momentum
Launched in July with an official opening by senior local government official on Selayar Pak Marjani, the Selayar Eco-Biz Challenge is attracting a lot of interest and stimulating sustainable enterprise ideas among the community.
20 Sep 2017 |
Learning from simulated coastal scenarios
The CCRES Systems Analysis team is researching socio-ecological problems in the coastal zone and has developed a coastal system model called SYSTORY, which can simulate the behaviour of terrestrial and marine coastal systems
20 Sep 2017 |
Marine reserve design training in Manila
Key people involved in establishing marine reserves in the Philippines joined a CCRES workshop to learn how to use marine reserves as fisheries management tools.  
19 Jun 2017 | CCRES
Indonesia symposium highlights help available to rebuild fisheries
CCRES Chief Scientist Professor Pete Mumby recently spoke at Indonesia’s National Symposium on Coastal and Small Island Conservation 9-10 May 2017 in Jakarta about tools available to help position Marine Protected Areas to rebuild fisheries.
19 Jun 2017 | CCRES
Pilot behaviour change program wheeled out at Selayar
With massively overweight suitcases full of training materials and workbooks, the ‘behaviour change’ team landed at Selayar, Indonesia, during May to deliver its positive environmental behaviour (waste management) pilot program.
19 Jun 2017 | CCRES
Challenges, experiences, excitement
‘Challenges, experiences and excitement’ was the title of our first CCRES newsletter back in April 2014. Today, this headline remains central to the project’s ethos.
19 Jun 2017 | CCRES
Tools, knowledge roadshow kicks off in the Philippines
A year-long schedule of events to showcase the innovative tools and knowledge developed by the CCRES Project kicked off at our pilot site in the Philippines, El Nido, during May.
18 Jun 2017 | CCRES
Ecosystem-based business development workshop a huge success
In mid May the CCRES business development team created a buzz in Benteng, Selayar, Indonesia, by hosting and facilitating a five-day interactive Ecosystem-based Business Development (EbBD) workshop.