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Tumen-Terminal Evaluation

This report is based on a review carried out between March and May 2002. Although officially a “Terminal Evaluation”, the project was still very much active and had only just started preparing the SAP. As a result some of the comments in this report may no longer be relevant and some of the recommendations have already been adopted by the project. The full title of the project is “Preparation of a SAP and TDA for the Tumen River Area, its coastal regions and related Northeast Asian Environs” (Strategic Action Programme and Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis). The project, now generally referred to as TumenNET, involves China, Russia, the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, and to a limited extent the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

462: Preparation of A Strategic Action Programme (SAP) and Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) for the Tumen River Area, Its Coastal Regions and Related Northeast Asian Environs

01 Jan 2016

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