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Transzonal Ecosystem-Based Diagnostic Analysis

Governments of Chile and Peru United Nations Development Program United Nations Office for Project Services PIMS 4147 JANUARY 2015 The TEDA 2014 is an update and combination of the Ecosystem-based Diagnostic Analyses (EDA) prepared and presented by consultant agencies Acuasesorías (Chile) and Eygesac (Peru) in February, 2014. The main consultants were Félix Inostroza Cortés and José Zavala Huambachano. Thus the TEDA approved in October 2014 includes observations made between March and August 2014 by the Technical Working Group (TWG), with participants from both countries and updates based on the currently available information. This document, "Transzonal Ecosystem-based Diagnostic Analysis (TEDA) Chile-Peru", was elaborated within the framework of the Project “Towards an Ecosystem-based Management of the Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem (HCLME)”. The priority binational common and Transzonal problems were identified, analyzed, especially those impacting HCLME´s goods and services, and integrated into a unique proposal serving as a planning, strategic and coordinating tool towards an Ecosystem-based Management of the HCLME, to be agreed and implemented at both the binational and national level through the Strategic Action Program (SAP) and National Action Plans (NAP). The goal of the project is to “move towards a sustainable management for HCLME, i.e., to effectively manage the biological integrity and diversity, as well as the ecosystem services for current and future generations even within climate and social changing pressures”. The Transzonal Ecosystem-based Diagnostic Analysis (TEDA) of HCLME was developed by applying the Causal Chain Analysis (CCA) recommended by the GEF-PNUD IW-LEARN (International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network). Through the TEDA the priority Transzonal and common problems were identified.

3749: Towards Ecosystem Management of the Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem

16 mai 2018

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