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A Toolkit for the Economic Analysis of Invasive Species (2008)

The issues associated with biological invasions have, traditionally, been seen as being the responsibility of biologists. However as invasives have become more and more widespread and their impacts on human systems have escalated, the scientific community has started to call increasingly for the input of economists and other social scientists. In fact, invasive species are fundamentally an economic problem – in terms of their causes, effects and remedies. Most invasions can be linked to the intended or unintended consequences of economic activities, which in turn means that economic solutions are also required. At the same time the major (although not only) reason that invasives are considered a problem by human beings is because they ultimately impact on economic systems and undermine human wellbeing: by directly affecting particular sectors, sites or groups; by indirectly affecting economic processes and opportunities through their knockon effects and secondary impacts; and due to the expenditures that are required to manage them.

27 Aug 2018

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