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[MedPartnership] Building coastal resilience in Šibenik-Knin County in Croatia - Coastal Plan [Experience Note]

The Coastal Plan, as foreseen by the ICZM Protocol, recommends ways to increase the resilience of coastal zone and sustainability of its development. It addresses the planning process defined in the MedPartnership project and is supported by PAP/RAC’s guidelines from the ClimVar and ICZM project. It is based on several assessments and was prepared for coastal zone of the Šibenik-Knin County by a multi-disciplinary team of experts. The Plan and those assessments were guided by local knowledge, expressed at “Climagine” workshops that paralleled Plan preparation. The Plan was completed in September 2015 and is ready for adoption. It will feed into local spatial plans, a regional development strategy and other sectoral policy documents. The Plan generated interest by stakeholders around the Mediterranean. During its preparation, it was presented at national and international conferences and workshops. The need for a systematic approach to increase coastal resilience is recognised by many coastal regions. This Plan, based on scientific projections and local responses, represents an example to follow.

2600: Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem--Regional Component: Implementation of agreed actions for the protection of the environmental resources of the Mediterranean Sea and its coastal areas

23 Apr 2019

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