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[MedPartnership] National Marine and Coastal Strategy for Croatia [Experience Note]

To provide an integrated policy for the sea and the coast that takes into account climate variability and change and that is harmonized with the National Water Strategy, the Croatian government decided to prepare an integrated Marine and Coastal Strategy for Croatia. In this way the country will meet its obligations from the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and the ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean, both inviting the countries to prepare relevant strategies. PAP/RAC developed this proposal for MedPartnership’s Mediterranean Environmental Replication Strategy (MeReS), which recognized this idea as a potential showcase for the Mediterranean. The territorial coverage of the Strategy extends from the marine area in which Croatia has jurisdictional rights to the administrative borders of 134 coastal municipalities and towns on its land territory. The Strategy should be completed by the end of 2015. At the same time, the Croatian government is preparing two more strategies – the spatial and the regional development strategies. Coordination and integration of these three strategies is one of the important objectives to be achieved.

2600: Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem--Regional Component: Implementation of agreed actions for the protection of the environmental resources of the Mediterranean Sea and its coastal areas

24 Apr 2019

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