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[TWAP] VOLUME 2: Transboundary Lakes and Reservoirs — Status and Future Trends

Volume 2 focuses on the first global-scale assessment of transboundary lake and reservoir basins, including consideration of their unique features, the pressures and risks to their life-supporting ecosystem goods and services expressed in terms of human water security and biodiversity threats, and the assessment and management implications of these threats, including their links with other upstream and downstream water systems. It was prepared by the International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC), in cooperation with the Research Centre for Sustainability and Environment, Shiga University, Japan; The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University, USA; Corazón de la Tierra, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; and International Environmental Management Services (IEMS), Waukesha, Wisconsin USA. Published in 2016.

4489: A Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme: Aquifers, Lake/Reservoir Basins, River Basins, Large Marine Ecosystems, and Open Ocean to catalyze sound environmental management

06 Jun 2019

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[TWAP] VOLUME 2: Transboundary Lakes and Reservoirs — Status and Future Trends.pdf