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Third HCLME Bulletin Jan-Feb 2013

CONSULTANTS CHOSEN FOR FIVE THEMATIC REPORTS FOR ECOSYSTEM DIAGNOSIS In both Chile and Peru, the process of selecting consultants for drafting five thematic reports in order to update the diagnosis of the Humboldt Current Ecosystem was finished; (1) Ecosystem Productivity (COSTAMAR in Peru, Universidad de Chile and Universidad de Valparaiso in Chile), (2) Resources and Fisheries (CEDEPESCA in Peru, PROMAR in Chile), (3) Ecosystem Health (MSc. Silvana Fajardo in Peru, INNOVABLE in Chile), (4) Socioeconomic Issues (CSA and IDP in Peru, Dr. Felix Inostroza in Chile) and (5) Governance (CSA in Peru, INNOVABLE in Chile).

3749: Towards Ecosystem Management of the Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem

04 jul. 2013


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