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Reducing nutrient pollution in Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay - Story map

Challenges and opportunities to clean up, rehabilitate and restore Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay

Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay are part of the Philippines’ major center of economic activity. These water bodies support many economic activities including shipping, industrial and commercial development, fishing, aquaculture and tourism activities.

Rapid population growth, industrial development, urban sprawl, land conversion, and introduced and exotic species are putting stress on these natural systems. Impacts on the natural ecosystems include siltation and sedimentation, increased pollutants (solid waste, sewage, industrial effluent and agricultural waste), degraded water quality and flooding. These impacts are leading to a loss in biodiversity.

These threats are not confined to this part of the Philippines, but reflect development patterns throughout the world. This means that the challenges that the Philippines are facing and the solutions they are forming are applicable to many other locations around the globe.

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15 Dec 2018