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Transboundary Diagnostic Environmental Analysis of the Senegal River Basin

Within the framework of the TDA process for the Senegal River Basin, Phases 1–3 were covered during the preliminary Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TEA) conducted during the PDF-B Phase of the GEF-SRB Project (2001–2002). Next, during the project implementation phase (beginning in 2003), national consultants were appointed to conduct national TDAs to develop the TEA in greater detail and validate its proposed impacts matrix and priority actions. These national TDAs were also validated during national workshops organized in each of the four basin countries. The national TDAs have placed greater emphasis on Phase 2 of the classic TDA approach described above, but have also tackled them from the specific angle of the different basin countries.The regional synthesis phase (the subject of this document) aims to synthesize the TEA and the national TDAs while conducting Phase 4 in greater depth before covering Phases 5 and 6. Published Date : June 2007

1109: Senegal River Basin Water and Environmental Management Programme

08 May 2014


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