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Kenya Groundwater Governance - Case Study

This case study is a background paper for the World Bank economic and sector analysis (ESW) — entitled ―Too Big To Fail: The Paradox of Groundwater Governance‖—that aims to understand and address the paradox at the heart of the groundwater governance challenge in order to elevate the need for investing in and promoting proactive reforms toward its management. The ESW examines the impediments to better governance of groundwater, and explores opportunities for using groundwater to help developing countries adapt to climate change. Its recommendations will guide the Bank in its investments on groundwater and provide the Bank’s contributions to the GEF-funded global project— ―Groundwater Governance: A Framework for Country Action.‖

3726: Groundwater Governance: A Global Framework for Country Action

03 Aug 2012


Kenya Groundwater Governance - Case Study.pdf