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Women as Agents of Change in Water

The challenge has been to focus attention on action-oriented activities and policies that ensure the long-term sustainable management of water resources, in terms of both quantity and quality, and include measures to improve sanitation, while working towards gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.The differences and inequalities between women and men influence how individuals respond to changes in water resources management. Thus understanding gender roles, relations, and inequalities can help explain the choices people make and their different options. Involving both women and men in integrated water resources initiatives can increase project effectiveness and efficiency. This publication highlights some remarkable cases of members of Women for Water Partnership where women’s participation has made a difference. They represent an important contribution to the Water for Life Decade and the lessons emerging from them can support further advances in the implementation of the post 2015 agenda. (Published on June 2015)

25 Mar 2020

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