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[GloMEEP] Ship Emissions Toolkit Guide No.2: Incorporation of MARPOL Annex VI into National Law

The Ship Emissions Toolkit provides a structured framework as well as decision support tools for evaluating emissions reduction opportunities in maritime transport. It offers guidance to countries seeking to develop and strengthen national policy and regulatory frameworks related to the prevention of air pollution and the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships. Incorporation of MARPOL Annex VI into national law: provides useful information for policy makers and legislators in countries preparing for accession to the 1997 Protocol or for contracting Parties to the 1997 Protocol which have not yet developed the legal framework to implement the regulations in MARPOL Annex VI in the domestic legislation. The objective of this toolkit is to support the development of a policy framework to guide near- and long-term emissions reductions in the shipping sector. By no means does this toolkit aim to promote any kind of unilateral or regional actions that conflict with the multilateral legislation mechanism under the framework of IMO. Instead, this toolkit provides guidance to interested countries seeking to take effective actions to achieve ship emissions reductions without promoting specific emissions reduction measures or technologies (Published in 2018).

5508: Transforming the Global Maritime Transport Industry towards a Low Carbon Future through Improved Energy Efficiency

18 Jun 2020

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[GloMEEP] Ship Emissions Toolkit Guide No.2: Incorporation of MARPOL Annex VI into National Law.pdf