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[ATSEA2] Indonesia Country Brief

The region of the Arafura and Timor Seas (ATS) is significant in connecting the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) and plays a role in global ocean circulation. It is adjacent to the Coral Triangle which hosts the world’s highest marine biodiversity and contains some of the most pristine and highly threatened coastal and marine ecosystem. It links four littoral countries: Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Australia. On the Indonesian part, the region is under Fisheries Management Area of Republic of Indonesia (WPPNRI) 718 that covers Aru Sea, Arafura Sea, and eastern part of Timor Sea (Published in 2020).

6920: Implementation of the Arafura and Timor Seas Regional and National Strategic Action Programs

04 Jul 2020

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