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Enhancing Water Security in Shared Freshwater Ecosystems

The brochure describes how GEF funded freshwater projects and partners are specifically helping helping address overarching themes (including inter alia, Water Security, Food Security, Energy Security, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Integrity, Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience, Nature-Based Solutions, Livelihoods/Tourism) whilst also supporting countries to contribute to the achievement of SDG6 and related goals. The importance of GEF support to countries to implement agreed actions of Strategic Action Programs is also a critical part of the brochure. The brochure also contain these elements: 1) A brief description of the GEF's concept of freshwater security, its strategy and basic approach 2) An overview of the funded freshwater portfolio to date 3) A summation of key results of the portfolio organized along the lines of cross-cutting themes, 4) brief description of the IW:LEARN project.

22 Mar 2021

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Enhancing Water Security in Shared Freshwater Ecosystems.pdf