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Preparation of a Pollution Abatement Plan for Poultry Georgia

Poultry Georgia is a large scale poultry producer in Georgia. It was identified by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture as a significant polluter in the Kura River Basin. The ministry was in the process of requiring the company to construct a wastewater treatment facility, and asked for the projects assistance in developing appropriate implementation measures as part of the Kura II project. The project proposed developing a pollution abatement plan, focusing initially on the implementation of cleaner production techniques to reduce pollution, and then developing plans for the treatment of the residual wastewater stream. The pollution abatement plan developed includes 17 measures for improvements in water use efficiency and pollution reduction. Implementation of the plan is projected to achieve a 27% reduction in water consumption at the facility. Critically the measures will reduce the volume and load of wastewater to be treated in the proposed wastewater treatment plant by 30%, reducing the capital expenditure required for its construction and ongoing operational costs.

6962: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin through Implementation of the Transboundary Agreed Actions and National Plans

05 Jul 2021

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