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Online Learning Platform for Schools on Water Resources Sustainable Management

There are a number of underlying issues regarding water resources in Caucasus region which include natural circumstances (geography, climate change, etc.) as well as water usage behavior in local communities. The project goal was to address the water resources sustainable management problems in the city of Gori, Georgia, which had one of the highest water consumption rates per capita in the country. The project started with preparing a package of awareness materials on various water management issues and conducting series of trainings for school teachers and students in Gori. Later on, due to an outbreak of pandemic in 2020, the scope of the project was extended to transform the developed awareness materials into online courses, design teacher instructions and build an e-learning platform to enable wider and sustainable dissemination of knowledge and values related to rational water use. Four online courses for teachers and students were created in three languages (Georgian, Azerbaijani and English).

6962: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin through Implementation of the Transboundary Agreed Actions and National Plans

05 Jul 2021

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