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Lake Shkoder Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis final report summary

This TDA is a preparatory study for a larger project, the Lake Shkoder Integrated Ecosystem Management Project, which assists the Governments of Albania and Montenegro in achieving more sustainable use of the natural resources of Lake Shkoder and its watershed.In this TDA an inventory of the available environmental data is made. The state of the environment, its use, and their developments were assessed in Lake Shkoder and its watershed, based on the data collected. The environmental pressures and threats to the lake and its basin have been identified and partly quantified. Finally, a set-up for a bilateral management strategy, including goals and approaches to address the identified problems, and some proposals for investment options are presented. World Bank (IBRD) 20 April 2006

2133: Lake Skadar-Shkodra Integrated Ecosystem Management

12 May 2014


Lake Shkoder Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis final report summary.pdf