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Progress Report No. XVI. Dec 1999 - Feb 2000.

In spite of the holiday period interrupting this quarter there has been a spate of activity with a number of important meetings and workshops taking place. First, the fifth Project Regional Steering Committee took place in early December. This was followed by a Strategic Action Programme drafting workshop in the first week of January, followed almost immediately by a meeting in Malawi of the African Great Lakes projects under the auspices of the GEF Scientific & Technical Advisory Panel. Later in the month the Scientific Liaison Officer received special dispensation from UNDP to return to Burundi and had meetings with our Burundian and Congolese affiliates. February was also a hyper-active month that included visit from the Training and Environmental Education consultants to work with the national TECCs and their teams; a regional meeting in Kigoma of pollution specialists; an intensive GIS training exercise in Dar es Salaam and a biodiversity SS data analysis workshop in Kigoma. Finally the Project Co-ordinator visited UNOPS, GEF secretariat and UNDP/GEF to discuss the way forward toward future projects, in preparation for the next meeting of the project Steering Committee to be held in May.

398: Pollution Control and Other Measures to Protect Biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika (LTBP)

19 Mar 2010

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