International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Progress Report No. II. Mar 1996 - Aug 1996.

Considerable progress has been made this quarter towards the establishement of nationally owned and implemented socio-economic special study and environmental Edcucation processes. Following the completion of the SE / EE chapter of the Inception report, based on workshop recommnedations, NRI international technical advisors have undertaken field visits with national counterpart institutions. Draft reports have been submitted and terms of reference for national consultancies drawn up, including workplanning for in-depth investigations at local level. In most cases suitable national consultants or counterparts have been identified in consultation with the lead national institutions. Workplanning, idnetificationa dn recruitment of national teams for participatory field investigations and EE work is ongoing.

398: Pollution Control and Other Measures to Protect Biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika (LTBP)

19 Mar 2010

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