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Lake Skadar Shkodra project document

Lake Skadar-Shkoder, the largest lake on the Balkan peninsula, is located on the border between Montenegro and Albania, south of the Dinaric Alps. The lake measures 60 km by 15 km at its longest and widest points and has an average surface area of 475 km2. It is a particularly fragile water body due to its shallowness and the karstic geology of its basin: the lake’s water quality and ecology are highly sensitive to the quality and volume of inflow from numerous rivers/streams and groundwater. The lake’s outlet is to the Adriatic Sea through the Buna-Bojana River. Due to the flat topography and shallowness of both lake and river, when the river is particularly high as a result of heavy rains the flow reverses temporarily and it becomes an inlet rather than outlet of the lake. Numerous springs located around the periphery of the lake and hydrologically connected to it are used for drinking water and irrigation in surrounding areas.

2133: Lake Skadar-Shkodra Integrated Ecosystem Management

09 Apr 2010

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