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Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) for the Mediterranean Sea

This TDA, was elaborated on the basis of the previous TDA adopted in 1997, as well as extensive information gathered since that time. The 1997 TDA was based on more than three years of activities. Numerous meetings and workshops were held to provide inputs to the TDA, various studies were carried out and reports were commissioned to support the TDA. The 1997 TDA also benefited from information made available by the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) Secretariat through its business as usual activities. This TDA serves as an update of the 1997 TDA and was prepared during the implementation of the full GEF Project. To complete this update, a set of reports were prepared. An Assessment of the Transboundary Pollution Issues in the Mediterranean; was drafted and then discussed at the regional experts' meeting. Library Publication Date: January 2005 on

461: Determination of Priority Actions for the Further Elaboration and Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the Mediterranean Sea

13 May 2014

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