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Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) for the Dnipro River Basin.

The first TDA was the need for a more comprehensive study that examined social and economic issues and the need for a more inter-sectoral approach towards managing the Dnipro Basin. The preparation of the 2002 TDA has involved the identification of major environmental issues existing in the Dnipro Basin and its transboundary sections, together with an analysis assessing the significance of these issues in the context of the Basin as a whole and its riparian countries using the best available verified scientific information. It also defines the immediate, sectoral and root causes of environmental deterioration in the Basin and identifies the most urgent transboundary issues and priority areas that require further co-operation between the GEF and the riparian countries participating in the project. The 2002 TDA is an objective assessment and not a negotiated document. A comprehensive analysis of transboundary issues provides a factual basis for the formulation of recommended options for improving the environmental situation and ensuring the sustainable development of the Dnipro Basin. The TDA was produced on the basis of comprehensive studies of the physical and geographical features, water uses, and the socio-economic and environmental situation in the Dnipro Basin that extends into the territories of the three riparian countries – the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation and Ukraine. The TDA was prepared using a modified version of the GIWA methodology, suited to the specific regional conditions of the Dnipro Basin. 2003.

2544: Implementation of The Dnipro Basin Strategic Action Program for the reduction of persistent toxics pollution

14 May 2014


Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) for the Dnipro River