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Hai Basin - Environmental Assessment Volume 2/2

This is an environmental assessment of the GEF Hai Basin Integrated Water and Environment Management Project for China. It outlines anticipated negative impacts and their mitigations-although in this case, there are said to be almost no adverse environmental impacts. The few identified impacts concern waste generation (of sewage, exhaust gases, and solid waste) and noise pollution caused during construction, but the report purports that these are temporary and can be reduced or eliminated through reasonable construction arrangements and environmental protection measures. The tendency of progressive decrease in the quantity of water resources and availability of water resources will be changed through water saving, adjusting the industrial structure, and reasonably supplying groundwater. The technology of exploiting and utilizing freshwater in the shallow layer will effectively control the overexploitation of groundwater in the deep layer and improve some environmental issues such as the drop in the level of the water table and the increase in sedimentation. Project implementation is expected to better control the various sources of water pollutants, which will improve the aquatic ecosystem, and improve water body and groundwater quality generally. Wastewater reuse will reduce water consumption.

1323: Hai River Basin Integrated Water Resources Management

14 Apr 2010

Hai Basin - Environmental Assessment Volume 2/2.pdf

Project preparation (PPG)