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2011 Results Notes - Gulf of Aqaba Environmental Action Plan

1. Development of Regulatory and Institutional Framework: The Environment Department was fully integrated into Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), allowing Aqaba to become the only region in Jordan where a legalized Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) system is enforced. Intensive preparatory work on a CZM framework paid off and the project showed that crossing institutional borders through having different ministries and organizations participate together in training and capacity building activities can enhance overall implementation effectiveness. 2. Oil spill risk minimization and waste oil recovery: During implementation, project staff initiated a dialogue with three major producers of waste oil to tackle the issue of land based oil recovery. Not only was the dialogue successful in leading to group consensus on the issue, but a national oil refinery agreed to accept and pay JD35/ton for the recovered waste oil, thereby eliminating a source of pollution. The project demonstrated that well designed cost recovery mechanisms with strong enforcement can help to ensure financial sustainability. The Port Authority has also upgraded all its facilities into environmental compliance under the new ASEZA laws, a notable achievement. 3. Development and Implementation of the Jordanian Marine Park: Zoning and infrastructure of marine park facilities have been completed, including: 4 jetties (2 funded by the project), terrestrial demarcation, toilet and shower facilities, umbrellas, parking, camping grounds, ranger posts, and first-aid station. The Visitor Center (photo above) has been completed, including multi-media equipment, interpretation and public awareness activities.

72: Gulf of Aqaba Environmental Action Plan

01 Jan 2016

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