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[IW:Science] 2011 Results Notes

(1) First ever synopsis of the science behind the IW portfolio of projects to date according to transboundary IW system types; river basins, lakes, groundwater, the coastal zone & land-based pollution, and large marine ecosystems and the open ocean. (2) A systematic analysis of the IW portfolio and integrating knowledge from the wider scientific community with regards to critical emerging science issues, the application of science for adaptive management and the development and use of indicators to support IW projects (3) Creation of the IW:Science knowledge management system, a fully integrated relational database of IW documents and suite of learning network and communication tools. This powerful tool made the synopsis and analysis process of ca. 5,500 documents possible while capturing new knowledge and review insights of the scientific working groups.

3343: Enhancing the Use of Science in International Waters Projects to Improve Project Results

01 Jan 2016

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