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Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem Regional Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis

Published in July 2011, this is an important component and output of the CLME project. A Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA). A TDA is a widely-used tool within GEF International Waters Projects to provide a scientifically objective assessment of the causes of the main problems affecting transboundary and shared systems. In the project development phase (PDF-B) a preliminary TDA identified three priority transboundary problems that affect the CLME: unsustainable exploitation of fish and other living resources, habitat degradation and community modification, and pollution associated with three geographical areas (Insular Caribbean, Central/South America and Guianas/Brazil) within the Wider Caribbean Region (WCR). The PDF-B phase also highlighted the importance of having an effective governance regime to address the sustainability of the living marine resources of the WCR and the need to develop a specific framework targeted at interventions needed to bring about change in regional fisheries governance. This report is the revised and updated Regional TDA based on TDAs of three fisheries ecosystems of regional significance: the reef, pelagic and continental shelf fisheries ecosystems. This Regional TDA (supported by the three fisheries TDAs and a regional governance analysis) will serve as the science basis for development of an agreed program of interventions including fisheries management reforms, conservation measures and pollution control.

1032: Sustainable Management of the Shared Marine Resources of the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem (CLME) and Adjacent Regions

01 Jan 2016



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