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Croatia Coastal Cities - CEO Endorsement Form

croatia-coastal-cities-ceo-endorsement-form Croatia Coastal Cities - CEO Endorsement Form Request for CEO endorsement /Approval Project Type: the GEF Trust Fund Submission Date: 08/21/08 Re-submission Date: 10/24/08 Expected Calendar Milestones Dates Work Program (for FSP) N/A GEF Agency Approval 12/2008 Implementation Start 01/2009 Mid-term Review (if planned) 06/2011 Implementation Completion 12/2013 part i: project I nformation GEFSEC Project ID: gef agency Project ID: P102395 Country (ies) : Croatia Project Title: Coastal Cities Pollution Control (APL2) GEF Agency (ies) : , Other Executing partner ( s ) : Hrvatske Vode (HV) GEF Focal Area ( s ) : , GEF-4 Str ategic prog ra m (S) : SP2 - Reducing Nutrient Over-enrichment and oxygen depletion from land-based pollution of coastal waters in LMEs consistent with the GPA Name of parent program/umbrella project: WB-GEF Investment Fund for the Mediterranean Sea LME Partnership Project framework (Expand table as necessary) Project Objective: Improve the provision of efficient and sustainable wastewater services in participating coastal municipalities and reduce the nutrient load entering Croatia coastal waters (Adriatic Sea) from, and pilot innovative wastewater treatment solutions in, selected municipalities.

3725: Coastal Cities Pollution Control (APL 2)

01 Jan 2016


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