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IGCC Newsletter for April-June 2011

The IGCC/Guinea Current Large This issue: Marine Ecosystem has received approval from its Steering Committee for a final “no-cost extension” of Strategic Action Plan Development (SAP) phase of the project that serves 16 countries in coastal West and Central Africa. Approval for the extension came at the end of the Committee's 8th meeting held in Accra, Ghana, 17 and 18 May. Extension was required to complete Photo: Yao Modenou/IGCC GCLME Eighth Steering Committee approves extension of the GCLME project. i n d e p e n d e n t a n d p e rma n e n t Commission for the management of the marine and coastal resources of the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem. The SAP development project will now close operationally by 30 April 2012.

1188: Combating Living Resource Depletion and Coastal Area Degradation in the Guinea Current LME through Ecosystem-based Regional Actions

01 Jan 2016


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