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25 Apr 2019 - experience-notes - project: 2600 - English [MedPartnership] PCBs Sound Management and Disposal [Experience Note]
PCBs are pollutants more specifically known as polychlorinated biphenyls. They are highly toxic, very long lasting (over 100 years) and bioaccumulative, and one of the most harmful persistent organic chemicals to be manufactured by man. PCBs have ...
11 Aug 2014 - project-document - project: 807 Persistent Toxic Substances (PTS), Food Security and Indigenous Peoples of the Russian North: Project Brief
The overall goal of the project is to reduce the contamination of the Arctic environment by Persistent Toxic Substances.
04 Jun 2014 - project-document - project: 14 Regionally-Based Assessment of Persistent Toxic Substances: Project Brief
The overall objective of the project is to deliver a comprehensive regionally based assessment of the damage and threats posed by persistent toxic substances, and to evaluate and agree the priorities between chemical related environmental issues...




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