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The document library includes a wide array of outputs from projects (reports, presentations, case studies, terms of reference) as well as other content of interest to GEF International waters. Project managers and GEF International Waters staff are invited to give their feedback or submit case studies, ToRs, or other documentation to be included in the document library (

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26 Jun 2019 - report - project: 4690 - English [CCRES] Progress update: Developing a model to generate economic insights into local economies
A progress update on the Bio-LEWIE modelling project (fisheries and tourism). Published in January 2016.
25 Jun 2019 - report - project: 4690 - English [CCRES] Progress update: Engaging parents, families, villages to promote positive behaviours
A progress update on an investigation into whether the behavioural principles of Triple P can be applied to the conservation of coral reefs in Indonesia. Published in January 2016.
08 May 2019 - tda - English Bay of Bengal LME Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) Volume 2
The TDA of the BOBLME draws on numerous studies and extensive regional and national consultations with stakeholders. Importantly, the TDA provides the scientific basis for the development of the Strategic Action Programme that sets out a strategy ...
12 Sep 2018 - publication - English Socio-economic Impact Assessment Toolkit (2005)
Consistent with Australia’s Oceans Policy 2000, the Australian Government, through the Department of the Environment and Heritage (DEH), is developing the National Representative System of Marine Protected Areas (NRSMPA).
11 Sep 2017 - publication A Framework for Monitoring and Assessing Socioeconomics and Governance of Large Marine Ecosystems (2000)
The ecosystem paradigm is emerging as the dominant approach to managing natural resources in the United States as well as internationally. The shift away from the management of individual resources to the broader perspective of ecosystems has not ...
07 Sep 2017 - publication Reflections on the Large Marine Ecosystems movement (2016)
In this commentary Gotthilf Hempel reflects on the origin and unique approach for blending good natural and social sciences into a unified strategy for assessing and managing Large Marine Ecosystems around the globe.
27 May 2014 - experience-notes - project: 767 Evaluation Environnementale et Evaluation Sociale (EE/ES) du Projet FEM intitulé Renversement des Tendances de Dégradation des Terres et de l’Eau dans le Bassin du Lac Tchad
Le présent rapport expose les conclusions de l’étude d’Evaluation Environnementale et Sociale effectuée pour le compte de la Banque Mondiale dans le cadre des travaux préparatoires à l’élaboration du...




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