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The document library includes a wide array of outputs from projects (reports, presentations, case studies, terms of reference) as well as other content of interest to GEF International waters. Project managers and GEF International Waters staff are invited to give their feedback or submit case studies, ToRs, or other documentation to be included in the document library (

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18 Oct 2023 - outreach-material - project: 10685 - English Framework of cooperation on monitoring and data sharing for mobile species
The cooperation framework aims to promote cooperation and data sharing for the conservation of mobile species. It includes a code of conduct advocating the need to cooperate throughout the range of mobile species.
18 Oct 2023 - outreach-material - project: 10685 - French Cadre de coopération pour le suivi et le partage des données pour la gestion et la conservation des espèces mobiles
Le cadre de coopération vise à promouvoir la coopération et le partage des données pour la conservation des espèces mobiles. Il inclut un code de conduite prônant la nécessité de coopérer dans l'ensemble de l'aire de répartition des espèces mobiles.
27 Oct 2020 - manual - English TDA/SAP Manual
(2020 Edition) The Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis/Strategic Action Programme (TDA/SAP) approach is a highly collaborative process that has proven to be a major strategic planning tool for GEF International Waters Projects over the last 20 years...




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