Data and Information Management

Data and information play a crucial role in all phases of the policy cycle in international waters—from decision-making via implementation and monitoring, to analysis and recommendations. Data and information support an understanding and greater awareness of environmental issues, causes, sources and impacts; they function as an on-going component of the development and assessment of management policies, strategies and interventions; and they facilitate improved enforcement, decision-making and individual actions.

In order to guide and support the data and information sharing on Large Marine Ecosystems – LMEs (as well as associated integrated coastal management, marine protected areas and Marine Spatial Planning projects), for use by GEF LME:LEARN stakeholders and the wider public, the GEF LME:LEARN project supports the Data and Information Management Working Group (DIM WG). The DIM WG was established as an informal body to guide the process with a clear mandate to create learning exchanges on data and information management tools to be used by the LME community of practitioners. Several meetings of the DIM WG have taken place since the start of the LME:LEARN project. The expected outcome of the DIM WG includes more harmonious data and information management across LMEs, as well as improved capacity of projects to report progress and results across for example, Strategic Action Program implementation as well as SDG targets.

In support of this work, the LME:LEARN project has developed a training curriculum and guidance document for Data and Information Management (DIM) to be applied amongst GEF LME, ICM, MPA and MSP projects, as follows: 

Data and Information from The GEF Large Marine Ecosystem Portfolio - Metadata catalogue of available GEF marine project data and information (PDF)

This is a review and compilation of GEF LME project websites, tools and reports in relation to data and information management, as well as other key LME partners data and information websites.

Data and Information Management Guidelines for GEF LME Projects (PDF)

These guidelines present overall recommendations for GEF LME projects to consider to ensure a more integrated and comparable approach to data and information management across the IW LME portfolio. It also include tools and best practices from GEF LME projects and other international and regional organizations that can be applied and adapted within LME projects, and supports the implementation of the recommendations presented in the Data and Information Management Guidelines for GEF LME projects.

Identifying Common LME Indicators - Towards common reporting and comparability between LMEs (PDF)

Given the common issues that the majority of the LME projects address and also the increasing need to align reporting between regions and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this presents an overview of current indicator systems and proposes a series of common indicators that can be considered by LMEs for future reporting of key targets and Strategic Action Programs (SAPs).