International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

IWC9 Film Festival

01 Oct 2018
An evening film festival highlighted selected GEF IW projects at IWC9. GEF IW Projects with new or recently made documentary films were invited to submit their film, for festival consideration.

Films Selected for Screening in the IWC9 Film Festival

CFI Proyecto “Iniciativa de Pesquerías Costeras – América Latina”
Project: GEF-UNDP Coastal Fisheries Initiative Latin America
Contact: Mariano B. Valverde Romero, Project Coordinator 
Length: 9:18

Tamura’s Vision (The Kura II Juniors)
Project: GEF-UNDP Kura River Basin Project
Contact: Mary Matthews, Kura II
Length: 4:03

Implementing the Strategic Action Program for the South China Sea
Project: GEF-UN/E-SEAFDEC South China Sea SAP Implementation
Contact: Somboon Siriraksophon, SEAFDEC
Length: 4:33

Mikoko Pamoja (Blue Forests)
Project: GEF-UN E Blue Forests project
Contact: Steven Lutz, GRID Arendal
Length: 4:57

Managing Systems Under Stress: Science for Solutions in the Indus Basin
Project: GEF-UNIDO-IIASA Nexus Project
Contact: Simon Langan, IIASA
Length: 2:36

Spotlight on the Eastern Caribbean Flyingfish Fishery
Project: GEF-UNDP-UNOPS Caribbean Sea and North Brazil Shelf LME SAP Implementation
Contact: Laverne Walker, CLME
Length - 16:00

Mangrove Restoration in Nicoya Costa Rica
Project: GEF-CI Eastern Pacific Tropical Seascapes
Contact: Stuart Banks, CI
Length: 4:00

Trebišnjica River and its Multipurpose Hydrosystem (Dinaric Karst Aquifer)
Project: GEF-UNDP-UNESCO/IHP Dinaric Karst Aquifer Project
Contact: Zoran Stevanovic
Length: 5:36 

Addition Films Submitted

Common Oceans – Marine Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
Project: GEF-FAO Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
Contact: Emelie Martenson, FAO
Length: 1:52

A Message About Our Common Oceans – by ctor and activist Lambert Wilson
Project: GEF-FAO Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
Contact: Emelie Martenson, FAO
Length: 2:11

Project: GEF-CI Eastern Pacific Tropical Seascapes
Contact: Keith Lawrence, CI
Length - 10:22

Fish Carbon – Exploring Marine Vertebrate Carbon Services (GRID)
Project: GEF-UN E Blue Forests project

Original Film Festival Guidance

Submitted films must be less than 12 minutes long to be festival eligible. Those projects with films running more than 12 minutes are encouraged to edit their films down to comply with the length restriction and then submit the edited film for consideration.

An independent panel will select films from the submission pool for festival screening. A judging panel consisting of a representative sample of key IW portfolio stakeholder groups will determine the winner during the festival.

Films will be scored based on: (1) uniqueness of topic; is it an innovative approach to IW issues that could be replicated? (2) good progress made; does it show clear impacts of intervention and the catalytic role played by the GEF? (3) quality of information; it is educational and does it provide good promotional value to the project and GEF IW? and (4) production value; is it visually pleasing and overall enjoyable?

Please submit your film to by October 19, 2018.