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Format of the workshop and the sessions

22 Nov 2016

The following aspects will be covered: - Developments in integrated (nexus) studies, research and application:  Keynote presentations illustrating different approaches to assess and analyse the water-foodenergy-ecosystems nexus and the experience from their application. - Lessons from basin assessments: Findings and lessons learned from river basin nexus assessments will be discussed and some general conclusions drawn. - Nexus solutions:   There are different types of synergetic actions or solutions to address intersectoral issues, ranging from institutional arrangements, to information, instruments (e.g. economic and policy instruments), infrastructure, international coordination and cooperation. In this session, emerging good practices and effective solutions will be discussed. Suggestions for solutions to be highlighted are welcome, illustrating transboundary value. - Putting into practice the nexus approach:  On the basis of the solutions presented and discussed, group discussions will explore what approaches and solutions could be relevant and useful for specific transboundary basins interested in following a nexus approach.   Representatives from basins interested in being the focus of this exercise should flag their interest to the UNECE secretariat.  
An overview of the different sessions is given below in the form of a table. 
 6 December: Nexus workshop (Day 1) 
7 December: Nexus workshop (Day 2) 
8 December: Task Force on the Water-Food-EnergyEcosystems Nexus 
AM 10 am -1 pm 
Nexus assessment methodologies and approaches, and their application 
Nexus solutions  - Overview  - Examples 
Conclusions: Emerging good practices 
Review the status of on-going nexus assessments carried out under the Convention 
Follow up activities to the completed nexus assessments 
Sustainable Development Goals and the nexus approach 
Lunch break 
 Nexus Reference Group meeting (TBC) 
Brainstorming for GEF projects as part of IW-LEARN (TBC)  
PM 3 pm - 6 pm 
Lessons from basins which have been assessed/studied 
Conclusions and recommendations 
Interactive session on basin cases and how a nexus approach could be put into practice  
Strategic directions for future work on the nexus and cooperation with partners (a panel discussion of partners) 
Next steps under the Water Convention