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Romania: Hazards Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project (HRMEPP)

The overall development objective of the Hazards Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness (HRMEP) Project is to assist the Government of Romania in reducing the environmental, social, financial and economic vulnerability to natural disasters and water pollution accidents from mining activities through:

  • strengthening the institutional and technical capacity for disaster management and emergency response;
  • implementing risk reduction measures for floods, landslides and earthquakes;
  • improving the safety of dams;
  • establishing a financially sustainable national disaster insurance system; and
  • mitigating the environmental impacts of accidental spills and release of hazardous materials in the Danube River and Black Sea Basins.

The project global environmental objective is to protect the integrity of the Danube River and Black Sea Basins by mitigating the risk of water pollution from mining accidents and reducing catastrophic and persistence erosion sources of transboundary pollution loads. In support of this objective, the project through a proposed GEF co-financed component will improve the management of tailings facilities and thereby reduce pollution from tailing dams in Romania to the Danube River and Black Sea Basins.



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General information
GEF ID 1889
IBRD ID 81950
Project type Full-Size Project
Status closed (Project Completion)
Start Date 20 May 2004
End Date 20 Dec 2011
GEF characteristic:
Focal Area International Waters
GEF Allocation to project USD 7,000,000
Total Cost of the project: USD 18,178,000
YES - See results data (1889)

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (WB)

Project contacts
Luiz Azevedo Water Resources Engineer
Christoph Pusch Task Team Leader