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Effective Conservation and Sustainable Use of Mangrove Ecosystems in Brazil

Project Objective: The Development Objective, or Goal, of the project would be the conservation and sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems in Brazil to conserve globally significant biodiversity and key environmental services and functions important for national development and the well being of traditional and marginalised coastal communities. The Purpose, or Immediate Objective, would be to strengthen the existing National System of Conservation Units (SNUC) in its ability to deliver effective conservation to, and sustainable resource use of, key mangrove ecosystems.

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South America , Global

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General information
GEF ID 2703
Project type Full-Size Project
Status closed (Project Approved)
Start Date 28 May 2008
End Date 31 Jul 2013
GEF characteristic:
Focal Area Biodiversity
GEF Allocation to project 5,000,000 USD
Total Cost of the project: 20,675,692.00 USD

UN Development Programme

Project contacts
Nicole Glineur Senior Environmental Specialist/Task Team Leader