International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

Black Sea (LME)

460 173 Km2
7 153 Km


Total cost 120,00M US$
GEF allocation 44,00M US$
"1. A Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) was prepared, leading to a Black Sea Strategic Action Plan, and both were revisited after 10 years and updated in Phase II of the project.

2. All six Black Sea countries developed National Strategic Action Plans.

3. The key issue identified in the TDA/SAP – the need to reduce nutrient inputs to the Black Sea, especially from the Danube – wa...
World Bank Terminal Evaluation (2009)
1. Reduction in nutrient loads to local soil and water bodies in target micro-catchment areas:
Installation of manure management systems, including construction of manure platforms, adequate
manure storage facilities and training in optimum application of manure as fertilizers as well as
implementation of environmentally friendly agricultural practices such as shrub and tree planting is
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