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Gulf of Thailand (LME)

386 063 Km2
4 009 Km

The Gulf of Thailand LME is located in Southeast Asia and bordered by Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It covers a surface area of about 400,000 km², of which 0.80% is protected, and contains about 0.46% of the world’s coral reefs and 18 major estuaries (Sea Around Us 2007). The mean depth is 45 m and maximum depth 80 m (Piyakarnchana 1989, 1999). The tropical climate is governed by the northeast and southwest monsoon regimes, which have profound effects on the conditions within the Gulf (Piyakarnchana 1989, 1999). Geographically, the LME can be divided into the inner and outer Gulf. The inner Gulf is primarily influenced by river oufflow while the outer Gulf is influenced by seawater intrusion from the South China Sea. Water circulation is complex and influenced by tides and wind as well as differences in water densities.


LME Factsheet
Available Metadata for GEF LME Projects
Total cost 180,00M US$
GEF allocation 76,00M US$
1. Eleven permanent seagrass monitoring sites were established near Bolinao; five on Santiago Island and six in coastal baranguays on the mainland.
2. Sites in Hepu and Bolinao were established as seagrass conservation sites, sustainable use zones, and seagrass sanctuaries, giving the flora in the area time to recover from previous degradation and prevent it from future damages.
3. In Hepu, a t...
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