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796 573 Km2
6 773 Km


Total cost 822,00M US$
GEF allocation 122,00M US$
• A Transboundary Analysis was carried out through the updating of National Reviews to obtain a complete knowledge base for priority pollution loads and environmental issues in the DRB.
• A Strategic Action Program was developed and accepted, and implementation begun through the Strategic Action Program Implementation Programme.
• A review of Monitoring, Laboratory and Information Management ...
1. The project piloted restoration of 4035 ha of former marshes (double the original target) in two protected areas and brought under improvement management and protection 27 700 ha with globally significant biodiversity habitats.
2. Fifty-five small grant projects have been successfully implemented on the two project sites under the “Small Grant Program for Biodiversity Conservation”. The pro...
"1- The percentage of households with livestock in the project area using village manure storage, household bunkers and segregating waste materials reached 54.4% compared to the baseline of 0%, and end-of-project target value of 45%.
2- Over the course of the project the area under environmentally friendly practices increased from 0% to 33.9% exceeding the target value of 30%.
3- Estimations...
EBRD Terminal Evaluation (2009)
1. The North Budapest Wastewater Treatment Plant was upgraded and commissioned in April 2011, to provide tertiary wastewater treatment, resulting in a reduction in the discharge of total Nitrogen and Phosphorous from the Plant into the Danube River by 72 and 75 percent, respectively; ammomium-nitrogen discharge reduced by 91 %. Other wastewater discharge parameters from the Plant such as re...
1. Reduction in nutrient loads to local soil and water bodies in project area: Installation of manure management systems, including construction of manure platforms, adequate manure storage facilities and training in optimum application of manure as fertilizers as well as implementation of environmentally friendly agricultural practices such as shrub and tree planting led to a significant decre...
1. 105 medium and large livestock farms received planning and investment support for farm manure and nutrient management, which minimizes nutrient leakage to water bodies.
2. Seven agricultural high schools received manure storage facilities and handling equipment, nutrient management plans, teacher training, and a customized Code of Good Agricultural Practices, exposing at least 2,000 students...
1. The completed Trnovo and Odzak Wastewater Treatment Plants already substantially contribute to the project’s major objective of reducing pollution from municipal sources into the Neretva and Bosna Rivers, whereas the currently being under construction Wastewater Systems of Zivinice and Mostar will result in Bosna and Neretva river water quality improvement shortly.
2. The feasibility study ...
1. 47 applications for investments on farms – 31 contracted, 12 in processing
2. 710 hectares of demonstration fields established
3. More than 300 workshops, seminars and media appearances – 100 % farming population informed, 30% adopting preventive and remedial measures
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