International Waters learning Exchange & Resource Network

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Its mission is to help countries pursue sustainable industrial development. economic development improves tax revenues and makes it possible for governments to achieve lasting social advance and poverty alleviation.


Roberta De Palma Chief Technical Advisor
Zoltan Csizer Director
Ralph (Skip) Luken Senior Industrial Development Officer
Christian Beinhoff Industrial Development Officer
Ludovic Bernaudat Industrial Development Officer
Igor Volodin Chief of Water Management Unit
Hugh Gibbon Regional Technical Coordinator
Christian Susan Project Manager
Porfirio Alvarez Chief Technical Advisor
Sylvia Osei Nsenkyire National Programme Assistant
Orlando Iglesias Biodiversity Expert
Chakib Jenane Senior Industrial Development Officer
Geoffrey Omedo Knowledge Management and Communication Officer
Cristina Sánchez Project Planning and Management Expert
Harvey John D. Garcia Technical Officer
U. Müge Dolun Industrial Development Officer