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MedOpen run on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP)

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Overall view

Marine spatial planning (MSP) is a process of analyzing and allocating parts of marine spaces to specific uses or objectives, to achieve ecological, economic, and social objectives that are usually specified through a political process. By mapping activities and defining the space for each activity, the process provides a characterization of existing  uses and helps to establish potential areas for future uses.

Aims & Objectives

Increase regional capacity to respond to challenges in coastal and marine environments.

Topics of the lectures

- General introduction to Marine Spatial Planning
- Marine Spatial Planning: Objectives and Steps
- Beyond Marine Spatial Planning: EBM, ICZM, Coastal Land Use Planning
- Marine Spatial Planning in the context of the Blue Economy
- Conclusion

Target Audience

Target audience includes, but is not restricted to, representatives of the institutions and authorities dealing with a subject relevant for Integrated Coastal Zone Management or Marine Spatial Planning.