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Creating a trilateral cooperation between Cuba, Mexico and the USA

This twinning was important to bring all the key partners into the Gulf of Mexico LME, creating an opportunity to help the three countries engage in the objectives envisioned for the Large Marine Ecosystem, the environmental quality objectives (improve water quality, avoid depletion and recover living marine resources) and restore the quality of coastal and marine ecosystem through community involvement and enhanced cooperation.

Participants from Cuba were invited to explore possibilities to extend bilateral cooperation between Mexico and the US on Marine Protected Areas (Output 3.4 - Support effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas by linking them into networks of the GEF project “Implementation of the
Strategic Action Plan for the GoM LME” GEF Project ID 6952) into a trilateral cooperation between Cuba, Mexico and the US were extremely interested in this topic. In the ensuing discussions between the Cuban participants, the NPC and the project manager of the GoM SAP
implementation project it was agreed that the possibility for an Medium Sized Project bringing Cuba into the GoM LME were be explored.

As the first step towards this, it was agreed that it will be endeavored to facilitate the participation of 5 Cuban decision makers in the training on economic valuation of ecosystem services in the fringe of the LME CG to be offered by UNIDO in Cape Town.

The learning objective was to ensure that decision makers in Cuba can have the same level of knowledge and know-how on the implementation of an economic valuation of ecosystem services provided by the GoM LME as their counterparts in Mexico and the US. 

Key documents from this exchange can be downloaded below: