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5.1 - Summary

This is the fifth of five sections that makes up the online GEF Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis/Strategic Action Programme Manual.

Section 2 presented an introduction to International Waters and the TDA/SAP approach. It described what International Waters are and why are they important, and why the GEF is interested in them. It then outlined the TDA/SAP approach as a tool for IW management, presented a brief history of the TDA/SAP approach, gave examples of the TDA/SAP approach in action and finally described the current GEF approved version of the TDA/SAP approach.

Sections 3 and 4 presented ‘How to’ Guides for TDA and SAP development – using a simple, non prescriptive stepwise approach that many projects have followed over the last 10 years, including references and links to best practices and experiences from a wealth of completed and on-going projects.

This Section (Section 5) focuses in on planning the TDA/SAP process. In particular, it looks at the key steps in managing the TDA and the SAP and meeting/workshop design to ensure the TDA and the SAP processes are as collaborative as possible.