03-04 Nov 2018, Marrakesh

The 20th Annual LME Consultative Meeting took place from 3 to 4 November 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco, preceding the 9th GEF International Waters Conference (IWC9) which will took place on 5-8 November 2018.

The specific objectives of the LME20 are to:   

  • Mobilize knowledge, new scientific applications and tools to support the implementation of LME and marine projects and organizational action related to priority knowledge topics
  • Review marine and coastal project progress in regions, disseminate best practices, and discuss emerging issues requiring common responses 
  • Share lessons learned from existing efforts with regard to the GEF LME: LEARN project (i.e. regional networks, capacity building training and twinning) and identify future priorities 
  • Strengthen regional ocean governance mechanisms through enhanced collaboration between Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) programmes, Regional Seas Programmes and Regional Fisheries Bodies (including Regional Fisheries Management Organizations) 
  • Reflect on 20 years of experiences in LME consultations and setting the directions for the future
  • Consolidate actions in support of Regional Ocean Governance building on the Partnership Building Meeting held in Cape Town, South Africa (November 2017) 
  • Focus on the contribution of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) to LMEs, as well as other tools, and their integration into the implementation of LME Strategic Action Programmes 
  • Reflect on the GEF LME: LEARN’s achievements and discuss the sustainability of post-project activities