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Variability and Management of Large Marine Ecosystems

Ed. by K. Sherman and L. M. Alexander. AAAS Selected Symposium 99, Westview Press, Boulder. 1986. 319 p.

Part One: Impact of Perturbations on the Productivity of Renewable Resources in Large Marine Ecosystems

Chapter 1: Introduction to Parts One and Two: Large Marine Ecosystems as Tractable Entities for Measurement and Management - by Kenneth Sherman

Chapter 2: Shifts in Resource Populations in Large Marine Ecosystems - by John R. Beddington

Chapter 3: Long-Term Changes in the Baltic Ecosystem - by Gunnar Kullenberg

Chapter 4: Changes in the Biomass of the California Current Ecosystem - by Alec D. MacCall

Chapter 5: Perturbation of a Predator-Controlled Continental Shelf Ecosystem - by Michael P. Sissenwine

Part Two: Measuring Variability in Large Marine Ecosystems

Chapter 6: Definition of Environmental Variability Affecting Biological Processes in Large Marine Ecosystems - by Andrew Bakun

Chapter 7: Variability of the Environment and Selected Fisheries Resources of the Eastern Bering Sea Ecosystem - by Lewis Incze and J. D. Schumacher

Chapter 8: Results of Recent Time-Series Observations for Monitoring Trends in Large Marine Ecosystems with a Focus on the North Sea - by Niels Daan

Chapter 9: Comparison of Continuous Measurements and Point Sampling Strategies for Measuring Changes in Large Marine Ecosystems - by Alex W. Herman

Chapter 10: Measurement Strategies for Monitoring and Forecasting Variability in Large Marine Ecosystems - by Kenneth Sherman

Part Three: Institutional Framework for Managing Large Marine Ecosystems

Chapter 11: Introduction to Part Three: Large Marine Ecosystems as Regional Phenomena - by Lewis M. Alexander

Chapter 12: Legal Constraints and Options for Total Ecosystem Management of Large Marine Ecosystems - by Martin H. Belsky

Chapter 13: Can Large Marine Ecosystems be Managed for Optimum Yield? - by Francis T. Christy, Jr.

Chapter 14: Cost Benefit of Measuring Resource Variability in Large Marine Ecosystems - by Giulio Pontecorvo

Chapter 15: The Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources: A Model for Large Marine Ecosystem Management - by R. Tucker Scully, William Y. Brown, and Bruce S. Manheim

Chapter 16: Very Large Ecosystems: From the Research Administrator's Point of View - by Robert L. Edwards

Chapter 17: Large Marine Ecosystems and the Future of Ocean Studies: A Perspective - by John Byrne