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Index page to all the articles in "Ocean Sustainability: Assessing and Managing the World’s Large Marine Ecosystems", the LME Definitive Volume. SCOPE volume number 73.Published with the support of: GEF, UNDP, UNEP, IOC-UNESCO IW:LEARN project Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment ISBN: 978 909 033 4981

The following is the index page to the LME Definitive Volume "Ocean Sustainability: Assessing and Managing the World’s Large Marine Ecosystems", the LME Definitive Volume. SCOPE volume number 73"

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Table of Contents - LME Definitive Volume

Foreword by J. Samseth, President of SCOPE i
Contributors List of Lead Authors ii
Message from the Editors and Acknowledgments v
Section 1 Pragmatic and Theoretical Aspects of the Large Marine Ecosystems Approach 1
Chapter 1 Large Marine Ecosystems
K. Sherman. 2019.
Chapter 2 Approaches to Forecasting Biomass Yields in Large Marine Ecosystems
S. A. Levin. 1993.
Chapter 3 Stratified Models of Large Marine Ecosystems: A General Approach and an Application to the
South China Sea
D. Pauly and V. Christensen. 1993.
Chapter 4 Database-Driven Models of the World’s Large Marine Ecosystems
V. Christensen, C. J. Walters, R. Ahrens, J. Alder, J. Buszowski, L. B. Christensen, W. W. L. Cheung, J. Dunne, R. Froese,V. Karpouzi, K. Kaschner, K. Kearney, S. Lai, V. Lam, M. L. D. Palomares, A. Peters-Mason, C. Piroddi, J. L. Sarmiento,J. Steenbeek, R. Sumaila, R. Watson, D. Zeller and D. Pauly. 2009.
Section 2 Productivity of LMEs 67
Chapter 5 Primary Productivity Patterns and Trends
J. O’Reilly and K. Sherman. 2016.
Chapter 6 A Critical Re-Assessment of the Primary Productivity of the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and Sea of
Japan/East Sea Large Marine Ecosystems
S. Yoo, C. E. Kong, Y. B. Son and J. Ishizaka. 2019.
Chapter 7 Global Marine Primary Production Constrains Fisheries Catches
E. Chassot, S. Bonhommeau, N. K. Dulvy, F. Mélin, R. Watson, D. Gascuel and O. Le Pape. 2010.
Section 3: Fish and Fisheries in LMEs 101
Chapter 8 The Status of Fisheries in Large Marine Ecosystems, 1950-2010
D. Pauly and V. Lam. 2016.
Chapter 9 Rebuilding Global Fisheries
B. Worm, R. Hilborn, J. K. Baum, T. A. Branch, J. S. Collie, C. Costello, M. J. Fogarty, E. A. Fulton, J. A. Hutchings,
S. Jennings, O. P. Jensen, H. K. Lotze, P. M. Mace, T. R. McClanahan, C. Minto, S. R. Palumbi, A. M. Parma, D. Ricard, A. A. Rosenberg, R. Watson and D. Zeller. 2009.
Chapter 10 Fisheries Yield and Primary Productivity in Large Marine Ecosystems
L. Conti and M. Scardi. 2010.
Chapter 11 Fishery Production Potential of Large Marine Ecosystems: A Prototype Analysis
M. Fogarty, A. A. Rosenberg, A. B. Cooper, M. Dickey-Collas, B. Fulton, N. Gutiérrez, K. Hyde, K. Kleisner, T. Kristiansen, C. Longo, C. Minte-Vera, C. Minto, I. Mosqueira, G. Osio, D. Ovando, E. Selig, J. Thorson and Y. Ye. 2016.
Chapter 12 Fisheries Catch Under-Reporting in The Gambia, Liberia and Namibia and the Three Large Marine
Ecosystems which they Represent
D. Belhabib, A. Mendy, Y. Subah, N. T. Broh, A. S. Jueseah, N. Nipey, W. W. Boeh, N. Willemse, D. Zeller and D. Pauly. 2016.
Chapter 13 High Fishery Catches through Trophic Cascades in China
C. Szuwalski, M. G. Burgess, C. Costello and S. D. Gaines. 2017.
Chapter 14 Unplanned Ecological Engineering
K. H. Andersen and H. Gislason. 2017.
Chapter 15 Reconciling Fisheries Catch and Ocean Productivity
C. A. Stock, J. G. John, R. R. Rykaczewski, R. G. Asch, W. W. L. Cheung, J. P. Dunne, K. D. Friedland, V. W. Y. Lam, J. L. Sarmiento and R. A. Watson. 2017.
Chapter 16 Global Ecosystem Overfishing: Clear Delineation within Real Limits to Production
J. S. Link and R. Watson. 2019.
Section 4: Pollution and Ecosystem Health 245
Chapter 17 Land-Based Nutrient Loading to LMEs: A Global Watershed Perspective on Magnitudes and Sources
R. Y. Lee, S. Seitzinger and E. Mayorga. 2016.
Chapter 18 Floating Plastic Debris
P. Kershaw and L. Lebreton. 2016.
Chapter 19 Pollution Status of Persistent Organic Pollutants
H. Takada and R. Yamashita. 2016.
Chapter 20 Emergent Stressors and Public Health Implications in Large Marine Ecosystems: An Overview
P. R. Epstein. 1996.
Chapter 21 Multiple Marine Ecological Disturbance Assessments for Latin American and Caribbean Large Marine
B. H. Sherman. 2017.
Chapter 22 Ocean Health Index for the World’s Large Marine Ecosystems
B. Halpern, M. Frazier, B. Best, C. Longo and J. Stewart Loundes. 2016.
Section 5: Socioeconomics 332
Chapter 23 A Framework for Monitoring and Assessing Socioeconomics and Governance of Large Marine
J. G. Sutinen, P. Clay, C. L. Dyer, S. F. Edwards, J. Gates, T. A. Grigalunas, T. Hennessey, L. Juda, A. W. Kitts, P. N. Logan, J. J. Poggie Jr., B. Pollard Rountree, S. R. Steinback, E. M. Thunberg, H. F. Upton and J. B. Walden. 2005.
Chapter 24 Accounting for Marine Economic Activities in Large Marine Ecosystems
P. Hoagland and D. Jin. 2008.
Chapter 25 Can Catch Shares Prevent Fisheries Collapse?
C. Costello, S. D. Gaines and J. Lynham. 2008.
Chapter 26 Comparative Valuation of Fisheries in Asian Large Marine Ecosystems with Emphasis on the East China Sea and South China Sea LMEs
U. R. Sumaila. 2019.
Chapter 27 Restoring and Protecting the World’s Large Marine Ecosystems: An Engine for Job Creation and
Sustainable Economic Development
A. Hudson. 2017.
Section 6: Governance 422
Chapter 28 Governance Profiles and the Management of the Uses of Large Marine Ecosystems
L. Juda and T. Hennessey. 2001.
Chapter 29 Strengthening Global Governance of Large Marine Ecosystems by Incorporating Coastal Management
and Marine Protected Areas
A. M. Duda. 2016.
Chapter 30 Sustainable Development of the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem
Z. Zhang, F. Qu and S. Wang. 2019.
Chapter 31 Local to Regional Polycentric Levels of Governance of the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem
J. Abe, B. Brown, E. A. Ajao and S. Donkor. 2016.
Chapter 32 Transition to Ecosystem-Based Governance of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem
H. Hamukuaya, C. Attwood and N. Willemse. 2016.
Chapter 33 Two Decades of Inter-Governmental Collaboration: Three Developing Countries on the Move Towards
Ecosystem-Based Governance in the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem
V. de Barros Neto, M. F. Jardim, J. M. B. Vasconcelos, A. S. Tomás, A. !Naruseb, B. Esau, O. Kandjoze, P. Shifeta, D. Peters, E. Molewa, M. J. Zwane, S. Zokwana and H. Hamukuaya. 2016.
Section 7: International Leaders Weigh-In on LMEs 502
Chapter 34 Large Marine Ecosystems: The Leading Edge of Science, Management and Policy
J. Lubchenco. 2013.
Chapter 35 GEF Support Toward Sustainable Development of Large Marine Ecosystems
N. Ishii. 2013.
Chapter 36 Accelerated Warming and Sustainability of the Baltic Sea Large Marine Ecosystem
A. C. Brusendorff. 2013.
Chapter 37 LME Assessment and Management Strategies for the Ocean and Coasts
W. Watson-Wright. 2013.
Section 8: Notable LME Case Studies 560
Chapter 38 Marine Spatial Planning as a Framework for Sustainably Managing LMEs
B. Gold. 2013.
Chapter 39 Marine Spatial Planning Applications for LME Management in North America
S. Whitehouse. 2013.
Chapter 40 The Resilience and Robustness of the Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem
M. J. Akester. 2013.

Chapter 41 Changing States of the Food Resources in the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem under Multiple
Q. Wu, Y. Ying and Q. Tang. 2019.

Chapter 42 Climate Change Affects in the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem
E. Vivekanandan, R. Hermes and C. O’Brien. 2016.
Chapter 43 Variations in Productivity of the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem and their Effects on Small
Pelagic Fish Stocks
B. Sambe, M. Tandstad, A. M. Caramelo and B. E. Brown. 2016.
Chapter 44 Comparative Abundance, Species Composition, and Demographics of Continental Shelf Fish
Assemblages throughout the Gulf of Mexico
S. A. Murawski, E. B. Peebles, A. Gracia, J. W. Tunnell Jr. and M. Armenteros. 2018.
Chapter 45 The CLME+ Strategic Action Programme: An Ecosystems Approach for Assessing and Managing the
Caribbean Sea and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems
P. Debels, L. Fanning, R. Mahon, P. McConney, L. Walker, T. Bahri, M. Haughton, K. McDonald, M. Perez, S. Singh-Renton, C. Toro, R. Van Anrooy, A. V. Khouri and P. Whalley. 2017.
Section 9: Commentary and Editors’ Concluding Remarks  667
Chapter 46 United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Perspectives on Global Large Marine Ecosystems
A. Hudson. 2016.
Chapter 47 Collaboration Between the Nansen Programme and the Large Marine Ecosystem Programmes
G. Bianchi, A. Bjordal, K. A. Koranteng, M. Tandstad, B. Sambe and T. Stromme. 2016.

Chapter 48 Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission – UNESCO’s Support for Management of Large Marine
J. Barbière and S. Heileman. 2016.

Chapter 49 UNIDO and LMEs: A Commentary
C. Susan. 2016.
Chapter 50 Editors’ Remarks - The Way Forward
K. Sherman and B. Peterson