LME:LEARN is dedicated to ever-improving knowledge management processes in view of further enhancing the management effectiveness of LMEs and integration of ICM and MPAs.

The coordination team conducts synthesis and incorporation of knowledge into policy making by capturing innovative approaches to Large Marine Ecosystems (LME) governance and by developing new methods and tools available to the projects’ teams. 
The LME:LEARN project generates harmonized knowledge products drawing on existing science for inclusion in new toolkits by harvesting and codifying experiences and best practices from the existing GEF Large Marine Ecosystems, Intercoastal Management, Marine Protected Areas and Marine Spatial Planning projects, project stakeholders and learning partners including other non-GEF marine and coastal initiatives to include tools to address climate variability and change, MPAs and ICM to create a harmonized set of tools to address the existing causes of the degradation of coastal and marine resources and climate variability and change.

More specifically, toolkits are being developed to include best practices from GEF projects and seek to fill gaps in these by incorporating best practices from other communities of practice. The toolkit also integrate information from a variety of existing governance manuals and toolkits.

A governance handbook for GEF funded LME/ICM/MPA projects and regional integrative approaches is also being elaborated. Partner International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) will be the handbook editor.

Further information on projects and their advancement in the field, have been made easily accessible through a Marine Portfolio.

LME:LEARN ensures knowledge is shared among stakeholders and capitalized on by working on the integration of knowledge into policy making through Science-to-Governance dedicated events with a view to integrating Regional Ocean Governance relying on an improved understanding of the knowledge/policy nexus.

Finally, in order to strengthen the role of GEF International Waters portfolio on Large Marine Ecosystems and associated ICM and MPA related activities, LME:LEARN contributes to the dissemination of scientific knowledge and showcases the achievements of LME governance projects, by reaching out to the wider community including resource managers, the broader scientific community, government representatives, private companies, universities and the general public.