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The Drin Animated Story, episode 1: Variability of hydrological and sediment transport regime

30 Jun 2021

Eastern Europe Southern Europe Drin
Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis

Two years of co-coordinated scientific work condensed in a 3-minute animated video: we are proudly presenting Episode 1 of the Drin Animated Story! Watch and learn more about the key transboundary challenges facing the Drin river basin. Episode 1 takes you on a journey through the Drin’s complex hydrological system, resembling the human vascular system, analysing the challenges it faces. The analysis was undertaken through the GEF Drin project, implemented by UNDP and executed by GWP-Med, using input from scientists, stakeholders, experts, governments and institutions to develop the Drin Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis, over a period of nearly two years. For more visit: Subtitles available in Albanian, Macedonian and Montenegrin.

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